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Foods that help you detoxify!

Posted by Aimee Scarpinato on

Whether you are going to try 14 day or 28 day tea detox, here are some foods to include during your detox to increase your benefits. Keep it simple by only shopping the outer isles in the grocery store. If you are an extremely busy person consider using for produce delivery or join a


  • Greens, greens, and more greens – loaded with Chlorophyll and fiber (cleanses the blood)
  • Organic plant food – no processed or GMO’s
  • Raw foods – these are loaded with enzymes which help break food down (stay away from added salts and food that are roasted)
  • Non-allergenic foods – the program I give to client doubles as an elimination diet (i.e. nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, and soy are the top contenders)
  • Salt free food – eliminating excess water weight and reducing joint pain
  • Gluten free (reduces joint pain)
  • Sugar and sweetener free – includes fruit in the 1st week
  • Animal free – will increase the rate of detoxing (if you opt to eat meat but organic grass fed)
  • Increase water consumption to help clear out any unwanted stuff



This is where most people struggle. I can’t say this enough, the body has to work overtime when you drink alcoholic beverages. It stops processing food calories in order to deal with the alcohol now in your blood stream. You must also remember these are carbohydrate, limiting them and drinking water will give you a head start with saving calories during your meal.


Eating Out!

Have a plan before you eat out. Know where you are going, look up the menu items and see what looks healthy. Restaurant want you to return, I have called ahead and asked for special meal plans if I don’t see anything on the menu. If you can’t plan ahead, eat before you go. This is the only way to keep you on track.


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