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General Questions


  • What is a Tea Detox?

Drinking tea to detoxify the body. Certain ingredients are needed for detoxification, a blend of special herbs all in one. We are extremely proud of our blend because of its powerful detoxifying ingredients


  • Does Size-Zero Tea have any laxatives or Senna?

None of our teas have any laxative herbs or Senna ingredients. Go ahead and plan your life, you wont need to stay close to the bathroom!


  • Will I get loose bowel movements?

No, because Size-Zero Tea does not use any laxative herbs or Senna in our teas.


  • Do they contain caffeine?

Yes, the morning tea has all natural caffeine ingredients, yerba mate and oolong green tea.


  • Are Size-Zero Teas gluten free and vegan friendly? 

Yes, all of our tea are gluten free and no animal products are used to make our teas


  • When do the teas expire?

Please look at your packaging for expiration date. We recommend drinking them within two years.


  • How old should I be to drink Size-Zero Tea?

Our teas are safe for all ages because they don't have any laxative effects. However, please consult with your parents if you are under age 18 before purchase.



During the Detox Questions


  • Can you drink the teas cold?

Yes, It's all about your preference. Drink it hot or cold.


  • Can I eat and exercise during the tea detox?

Absolutely, we recommend you eating balanced healthy meals and regular exercise during the detox. Check out our youtube channel for meal/snack ideas.


  • Can I drink the detox teas if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, but be aware, they do contain caffeine! Always check with your doctor first.


  • Can I consume alcohol?

We do not recommend drinking alcohol during the detox since alcohol is full of toxins. It will undo all our efforts to detoxify the body. Stay clean for the best results!


After the Detox Questions


  • Will the benefits of the detox reverse as soon as I stop?

Provided you maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly, then no, they shouldn't. Keeping healthy habits will increase your results and longevity of the detox. However, if you find yourself binge eat or go back to fast food results will not last.


  • How often should I drink Size-Zero Detox teas?

You can drink the tea as often as you like. Because we are a no laxative or no senna tea go ahead and drink up. At a minimum we recommend you try to detox 2x per year on a 28 day detox tea, or 4x per year on a 14 day detox tea. Or, drink daily for additional detoxification, its all about your preference.